The CES Five Island Challenge - Marathon, Half Marathon, and Combothon, sponsored by the Atlanta Life Insurance Company, is an international series for runners, who want to escape to tropical locations during the harsh winters. You have an opportunity to run in the premier island destinations, spend a few days on white sand beaches, and attend the local festivals and parties. This is a real runcation!!! To earn your special completion medal, you must become a member of the Five Island Challenge at this website and complete a marathon or half marathon at each of these races. Beginning in 2019, you have six years to complete all five islands!!!

Like the islands, this challenge is laid back and flexible. You may mix your races, like your island drinks. Run any combination of marathons and half marathons to satisfy the requirements. For example, you may complete one marathon and four half marathons, five half marathons, or five marathons. When you complete your final race, you will receive a special marathon, half marathon, or "combothon" finisher's medal.


Starfish Marathon Challenge Medal


Five-Island Half Marathon/Combothon Medal

If you register for the Five Island Endurance Challenge sponsored by the Atlanta Life Insurance Company before July 31 and register for one of the five races before September 30, you will be included in a drawing for a $100 Visa gift card to be given away at each of the aforementioned locations at their December, 2019 and January, 2020 races. You must be present to win.



Cover Story!!!

The Five Island Endurance Challenge - Marathon & Half Marathon is the featured cover story in the Summer 2019 special travel edition of the Texas Runner and Triathlete magazine. The cover photo is from the Marathon Bahamas.

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The Official Overseas Running Magazine of The CES Five Island Endurance Challenge - Marathon & Half Marathon

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